Australian Discovery Orchestra

Über uns

The Australian Discovery Orchestra (ADO) is the world’s first solely digital streaming orchestra.

Whereas ADO concerts are high-definition live events viewed online, as captured through a multi-camera set-up, its audience is not seated in a venue but comprises a global community of viewers able to experience the event in real-time almost anywhere in the world.

The ADO has been created to increase the opportunity for Australian musicians to engage with their passion: performing great orchestral music with other accomplished musicians in a professional setting. An invitation to perform in the orchestra is generally undertaken by a pre-recorded video audition.

The ADO is an initiative designed for talented and skilled orchestral musicians; aged 18 years and upward, who do not make a full-time living from playing in an orchestra. It is open to all instrumentalists from around Australia who are Australian citizens or permanent residents. Our Principal Conductor and Artistic Director is Kevin Purcell.