Solocellist – Mitglied

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    Camerata Salzburg
  • Vollständige Beschreibung
    Solocellist – Mitglied
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    Ab sofort
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    CAMERATA Salzburg is currently looking to fill the position of solo cellist and searching a highly qualified and motivated cellist (f/m/d).

    The position comprises a 40% job. We would like to point out that this offer is not based on contracted employment. The successful applicant will gain regular membership with the orchestra CAMERATA Salzburg to be shared with our other solo cellist on a freelance basis.


    Please send your application including (your) CV by September 30th to Auditions will take place in Salzburg on 30th October 2021.


    We will send out the relevant pieces of music on demand.


  • Pflichtstücke

    Audition Repertoire:


    J. Haydn D major cello concerto: 1st movement

    A. Dvorak or R. Schumann cello concerto: 1st Movement



    L. van Beethoven, Symphony n.5 second movement

    A. Schönberg, Verklärte Nacht, bar 320 to 345


    L. van Beethoven, Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus

    Chamber music with members of the orchestra:

    W. A. Mozart Divertimento K.563 for string trio, first movement

    L. van Beethoven, Quartett "Serioso" n.11 op.95, first movement