• Vakanzdaten

  • Institution
    Ensemble Musikfabrik
  • Vollständige Beschreibung
    Bassoon (1) – Fest
  • Verpflichtung zu
    (doubling contraforte)
  • Anzahl der Stellen
  • Art
  • Laufzeit / Beginn
    Ab sofort
  • Bewerbungsschluss
  • Weitere Anmerkungen

    Ensemble Musikfabrik is looking for a new member fulfilling the special requirements of a soloist ensemble for new music, for the position of


    Audition date: June 9, 2023

    Application deadline: April 22, 2023

    Contrabassoon/contraforte excerpts will be required and may be played on either instrument. The Ensemble’s contraforte can be made available by prior arrangement for the audition, and for practice on the Musikfabrik premises in the preceding days.

    Please fill out our application form on our website (https://www.musikfabrik.eu/en/ensemble/job-offers/bassoon/) and also send us your CV and one letter of recommendation in German or English by email to musikfabrik@musikfabrik.eu.

    If you have any questions, please contact musikfabrik@musikfabrik.eu or 0049 221 7194 7194 0.