French Horn Audition – Zeitvertrag

  • Vakanzdaten

  • Institution
    Fondazione Teatro alla Scala
  • Vollständige Beschreibung
    French Horn Audition – Zeitvertrag
  • Verpflichtung zu
    with obligation of Wagner Tuba
  • Art
  • Bewerbungsschluss
  • Weitere Anmerkungen

    The Teatro alla Scala Foundation is holding an audition for supplementary members of the Orchestra and/or the Stage Orchestra for the following instrument: FRENCH HORN with obligation of Wagner Tuba

    For the complete ad and application process please read the document or visit the website:

  • Pflichtstücke

    Applicants can visit our website at in order to consult the “passi” and “a solo” which are included in the competition programme.

    The Board of Examiners may ask applicants to perform part or all of the examination programme.