1st violin tutti (2) – Fest

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    Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
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    1st violin tutti (2) – Fest
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    All applicants are required to record Mozart first movement (without accompaniment) until the recapitulation and the cadenza.

    Excerpts number 1b, 2, 5a, 5b and 6.

    Please record in that order.

    Please start the recording with showing your ID or passport.

    The recording has to be in one take and you mustn't talk.

    A selected group of candidates will be invited to Gothenburg January 7th and 8th 2022 for the second and possibly third round.

    Second and possibly third round: all excerpts and

    first movement with cadenza, from one violin concerto of the following :

    Beethoven op. 61

    Brahms op. 77

    Tchaikovsky op. 35

    Sibelius op. 47

    Nielsen op.33

    Tarik Köpf, Orchestra Assistant

    +46 31 726 53 46

    Union representative Symf:

    Hans Hernqvist,

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    Videodateien sind für eine Vorauswahl verpflichtend (Details unten).

    Before you start playing, we ask you to show your ID or Passport.

    All recordings have to be in one take and you mustn't talk.