Principal Flute (1) – Fest

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    Jönköpings Sinfonietta
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    Principal Flute (1) – Fest
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    Jönköping Sinfonietta is a dynamic orchestra, with thirty one musicians. We are an integral part of Kulturhuset Spira, which is a house for performing arts – symphonic music, musical theatre, opera, chamber music, spoken theatre, dance, and concerts/theatre for young people and children.

    Job Description

    We offer a fulltime permanent contract as Principal flute in Jönköping Sinfonietta. The orchestra performs a broad range of repertoire; including symphonic music, operas, musicals, chamber music, dance and theatre productions, and productions created for young audiences. We work together with internationally renowned conductors, soloists, directors and choreographers.

    Our main venues are the concert hall and the theatre of Kulturhuset Spira, and we also tour in the County of Jönköping.

    For questions regarding the auditions, please email

     Union enquiries should be addressed to union representative Johan Tiger (SYMF)

  • Event
    • Probespiel – 21. Juni 2023 - 22. Juni 2023
  • Pflichtstücke

    Nielsen: Flute concerto, 1st movement

    Mozart: Flute concerto in G-major, 1st movement without cadenza, and 2nd movement


    Mozart: Flute concerto in D-major, 1st movement without cadenza, and 2nd movement

  • Orchesterstellen

    Orchestral excerpts and ensemble piece will be available on our website.