2. Trombone 100% (1) – Mitglied

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    Mahler Chamber Orchestra
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    2. Trombone 100% (1) – Mitglied
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    2nd Trombone
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    Nach Vereinbarung
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    The Mahler Chamber Orchestra (MCO) was founded in 1997 based on the shared vision of being a free and international ensemble, dedicated to creating and sharing exceptional experiences in classical music.
    With 45 members from diverse professional backgrounds, working together on a self-employed basis, the MCO works as a nomadic collective in different sizes and formations on 5 different continents for 140 - 180 days per season. The MCO offers either full or shared positions subject to agreement. (approx. between 65 and 100 days work for trombones)
    The orchestra is governed collectively by its management team and orchestra board; decisions are made democratically with the participation of all musicians.
    Learn more about the MCO here: https://www.mahlerchamber.com/
    Please do not hesitate to contact us: alena@mahlerchamber.com if you have any questions.
  • Event
    • Probespiel – 20.11.2019 • 10:00
      Brückstr. 47
      44135 Dortmund (Deutschland)
      Notizen: Orchesterzentrum Dortmund
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  • Pflichtstücke
    David Concertino 1st and 2nd movement including cadenza

  • Orchesterstellen
    Stravinsky: Pulcinella
    Rossini: W. Tell Overture
    Wagner: Lohengrin
    Wagner: Walküre
    Saint-Saens: Symphony No.3
    Schubert: Symphony No. 9 (The Great)
    Strauss: Ein Heldenleben
    Mozart: Requiem (Kyrie + Tuba mirum)
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