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  • Institution
    Moritzburg Festival Akademie
  • Vollständige Beschreibung
    Piano (1) – Akademie
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  • Umfang
  • Laufzeit / Beginn
    7. August 2021 - 22. August 2021
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    Music students aged between 16 and 26

    We are working with a video based application process. No live audition. Please read "Video Applications" below for more details.


    • Full board and accommodation

    • Coaching by Moritzburg Festival Artists

    • Travel costs:

    The Moritzburg Festival will reimburse participants upon presentation of original receipts and up to the maximum amount of:

    Germany € 100

    Austria, Czech Republic, Poland € 150

    Remaining European Countries € 250

    Non-European Countries € 500

    Travel between Moritzburg and the place of residence is to be organized by the participant directly.


    Chamber music from the 18th to the 21st century



    August 19: Long night of the chamber music


    2021 JURY

    Josep Caballé Domenech • Ulrich Eichenauer • Thomas Jahn

    Richard O’Neill • Daniel Ottensamer • Marina Piccinini

    Christian Poltéra • David Seidel • Dominic Seldis • Antti Siirala •

    Jan Vogler • Kai Vogler • Mira Wang


    2021 FACULTY

    Pablo Barragán • Ulrich Eichenauer • Albrecht Mayer • Magali Mosnier • Christian Poltéra Lars Anders Tomter • Jan Vogler • Kai Vogler • Mira Wang • Wu Qian

    For up-to-date information please visit: moritzburgfestival.de

  • Voraussetzungen
    • Höchstalter zum 7. August 2021: 26
    • Mindestalter am 7. August 2021: 16
  • Benötigte Dokument(e)
    • Portraitphoto
  • Video

    Videos sind Voraussetzung (Details unten) und ersetzen das Live-Probespiel.

    In the video recordings you can present a whole piece or a single movement. Please choose two pieces covering:

    1.   One piece from the Baroque or classical repertoire

    2.   One piece from the Romantic or 20th/21st century repertoire

    You must present at least one solo piece.

    Please only send a video link where we can see you playing! Audio recording only will not be accepted.

    You can send one or two video links.