Baden-Württembergische Ensemble-Akademie Freiburg

About us

Passionate about tradition and the modern times: The Ensemble Academy Freiburg is a joint institution operated by the two internationally renowned and specialised orchestras ensemble recherche and the Freiburger Barockorchester. Both formations are impressive examples of how specialisation in one repertoire and a fascination for innovation go hand in hand. They are united in their search for exciting worlds of sound as well as their desire for the unknown. The Ensemble Academy Freiburg aims to connect the two respective core areas of early and contemporary music and serve as a forum for exchange.

Taking place from September 4 to 10 2022, Academy-Week is the event at the heart of the Ensemble Academy Freiburg. Surpassing the co-existence of different styles and periods, this program aims to give participants a thorough understanding of early and contemporary music.
Since mutual artistic inspiration is absolutely vital to this endeavour, we are convinced participants will benefit greatly from sharing their experiences with different performance techniques and broadening their horizon by learning new approaches. What we hope to achieve with Academy-Week is to give participants the opportunity to learn specific skills for use in specialised ensembles and to simply come together in their joy of making music.
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