Berner Symphonieorchester

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Due to the current Corona restrictions and the likely extension of the lockdown for the cultural scene, we are unfortunately NOT able to hold the planned auditions in MARCH.
This affects currently our BASSOON-Audition. We try to find a new date.
We are currently hopeful that we will be able to perform the auditions as planned from April.


Tiefes Horn 75%
Hauptprobespiel am Do, 8.4.2021
Bewerbungsschluss: So, 7.2.2021

2. Violine tutti 50%
Probespiel Mo. 26.4.2021
Bewerbungsschluss: So, 28.2.2021

1. Violine Tutti 100%
Hauptprobespiel am Do, 17.6.2021
Bewerbungsschluss: Mi, 14.4.2021

These auditions are already closed, because we reactivated a previous advertisement. If you want to join we can offer you to contact us via e-mail ( . Please be aware that we have already a lot of applicants and cannot accept a lot more.

For the two solo positions you can find the two muvac advertisements below.

Kontrabass stv. Solo 100%
Hauptprobespiel am Mo, 7.6.2021
Bewerbungsschluss: Mi, 7.4.2021

Violoncello Solo 100%
Hauptprobespiel am Di, 15.6.2021
Bewerbungsschluss: Mi, 14.4.2021