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muvac makes the conventional way to apply for vacancies via snail mail a thing of the past. The whole process has been streamlined to make the application much simpler, because let's be honest: what counts is how you play. Join muvac, enter your résumé, upload documents and videos and wait for new vacancies to be published. We will automatically inform you about new opportunities the moment they become available. Then, depending on the requirement, you need to write a personal letter, select documents you would like to share and off you go.

How to set up your account?

Your account is set up in a few minutes! Sign up now and learn how muvac helps you save money, stress and time.

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Seven reasons to love muvac

Actually there are many more, but these are the most relevant ones for candidates.

Your résumé and documents are always at hand

You can apply for vacancies worldwide

You are always up-to-date about your application status

You receive updates about new vacancies when they become available

Your résumé is translated automatically

No need to spend money on printing and postage

Fantastic support if you ever need it

Happy customers