How we work


We aim to help professionals in classical music

Our aim is to build something of value to people. We love to create technical solutions that make the life of professional musicians (at least a little bit) better. A little idea of what we mean by that: we estimate that the administration saves around 75% of time when it comes to preparing events. Time that is better spent on really important tasks.


Your data is your business, not ours

If you want to know whether you can trust a service, first look at their business model. How do they earn money? Nothing in the world is free, especially the development of software. But how does muvac make money? Simple: institutions pay for using our services. Therefore, it is not relevant for us to analyze your data and sell you ads. We also do not give away or sell your data to anyone else.


We value the privacy of our users

We know that privacy is a major issue especially in european countries and therefore we take the appropriate measures to make sure that your personal data is safe.

A small anecdote regarding our domain When we started, we decided to name the company "Music Vacancies". In order to make the name easy to type, we shortened the name to "muvac". But at the time the .com domain was not available. So we decided to make use of what is called a domain hack and registered "". This so called top-level domain is country specific to the Ascension Islands, one of the most remote places on earth (right in the middle between West Africa and South America). So if you ever wondered if our servers are also on the Ascension Island, the answer is: "of course not". We have always hosted our data in Germany. If you would like to learn more how a domain points to a resource on the web, you can read more about it here: Domain Name System. By the way, meanwhile the .com domain became available and we bought it. So from now it is always


We are open and transparent GmbH is a european company with its headquarter in Berlin, Germany. To be able to operate here, we need to comply with european law, straight and simple. Therefore we work with lawyers specialised in privacy to ensure that all services we offer are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR which became effective in May 2018 and is a mandatory legal framework for everyone who deals with user data.


We are interdisciplinary and experts in what we do

Our team comprises experienced professionals with a background in the classical music industry (musicians, arts management) and technology (UX/UI design, software development, project management etc).

Thanks to technological advancements, our team is spread out over five different countries and two continents. Being not bound to one location allows us to work with the best professionals independent of their location. We believe that people should live wherever they prefer in order to be happy and most productive.


We reflect on what we are doing

Every technological advancement has consequences which are nearly impossible to foresee. Therefore we constantly reflect on the effects a system like muvac has on people and society. Does it really help or does it do harm? If the latter, how can we make a change for the better? It’s questions like these that should be asked more by technology companies in general.


We listen and improve constantly

We don't think that muvac will ever be considered "done". There's always something that can be made better, simpler, more elegant or just faster. Since we live in a world of constant change, we adapt and change as well. To improve the service, we are in regular contact with the people who use muvac and listen to their suggestions. In order to improve the feedback workflow, we integrated a place where you can send us ideas (you need to be logged in to view the site).

Still got questions?

Sure, no problem. Send us a message and we will be happy to answer what you would like to know.

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