Nationaltheater-Opernstudio Mannheim

About us

The National Theater in Mannheim under the direction of Albrecht Puhlmann founded an in-house International Opera Training Program in 2016/17.
Singers, who are selected through a multi-stage process, hone their vocal artistry and theatrical skills for two seasons under the musical direction of Naomi Schmidt and the stage direction of Claudia Plaßwich. Throughout the program, participants take part in the procedures and workings of a theater house with a wide theatrical range including opera, theater, dance and chamber music. Participants gain valuable professional experience while rehearsing for both new productions and revivals from the repertoire and by getting to know guest singers, experienced ensemble members, conductors and directors.
In addition to small and medium-roles in musical theatre productions, the program includes solo recitals, repertoire work, in-depth role studies, ensemble rehearsals, as well as training in dramaturgy, movement and improvisation. There is also the chance to land a position as a study for main opera roles.
All of this comes with master classes and workshops from notable greats in the opera scene such as Michelle Breedt, Nicola Beller-Carbone, Markus Eiche and John Norris to round off the package.