Assistant Leader Violin II 100% (1) – Permanent

  • Vacancy Data

  • Institution
    Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
  • Full description
    Assistant Leader Violin II 100% (1) – Permanent
  • Number of positions
  • Type
  • Duration / Start
    By arrangement
  • Application deadline
  • Additional notes
    - Our orchestra does not reimburse any expenses: neither travel costs nor hotel expenses.
    - Pitch: 442
  • Event
    • Audition – 24.06.2019 • 10:00
      ASO Studio at Queen Elisabeth Hall
      Carnotstraat 10
      2060 Antwerpen (Belgium)
      Notes: Candidates need to arrive between 08:30-09:30
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  • Optional pieces
    1st Round
    Mozart concerto nr. 3 or 4 or 5 (1st movement, no cadenza)
    + orchestral excerpts from the list hereunder

    2nd Round
    Romantic concerto to be chosen from: (1st movement, no cadenza)
    + orchestral excerpts from the list hereunder

    3rd Round
    excerpts from the list hereunder, to be communicated later
  • Orchestral excerpts
    Orchestral Excerpts:

    Mozart 39 II. mov, first page (1st violin part)
    Mozart 39 finale (2nd violin part)
    Mozart Nozze di Figaro Ouverture, beginning (2nd violin part)
    Beethoven symphony no.3 scherzo (2nd violin part)!
    Schumann symphony no.2 scherzo first 2 pages (1st violin part)
    Rachmaninov, symphony no.2
    Bartok, concerto for orchestra
    Mahler symphony no.9, m.1-28 (2nd violin part)
    Bruckner symphony no.9, m.57-65 (2nd violin part)
    J. Strauss Fledermaus overture beginning (1st violin part)
    Strauss Don Juan (1st violin part)

  • Discography
  • Required document(s)
    • Scan of passport or ID card
    • Identification number of passport or ID card.