76e Concours de Genève: Composition 2022 – Competition

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    Concours de Genève
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    76e Concours de Genève: Composition 2022 – Competition
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    The 76e Concours de Genève Composition Competition will be held in October 2022. Its objective is to distinguish new works composed after June 2019. The Competition is open to composers of all nationalities born after June 1st, 1982 (40 years old).

    Please download and read carefully the official Competition rules below before submitting your application.

    In order to apply, complete your muvac profile with the following data and documents:

    Under Resumé:

    • Please specify your academic and professional background: studies, schools, teachers, professional activities, awards and prizes.

    Under Documents: 

    • One musical score, with a title or a motto, all completely readable and original, without the least mention of the composer, since the candidate must remain anonymous for the Jury. 
    • Scan of ID or passport
    • 2 different and recent high-quality photos in color
    • A program note presenting the submitted work
    • An authorization of its performance and broadcast
    • A list of existing works, from which two works are chosen (max.10 min. each) for solo instrument or chamber music ensemble, to be performed in a concert organized by the Geneva Competition. 


    During the application process:

    Write a Personal letter or submit a presentation Video:

    • A short text or video (max. one page/3 minutes) presenting candidate's work in general and his/her artistic project for the future. (If you choose the video option, upload your file under the Media section. )

    For all questions or issues regarding registration, please contact us at the following address:

  • Mandatory pieces

    The subject of the Composition Competition 2022 is a Work for vocal Ensemble, composed after following specifities: 

    • The work must last between 15 and 20 minutes
    • The work must be written for vocal ensemble of 6 voices. 
    • The ensemble set must imperatively be the following: 1 bass, 1 barytone, 1 tenor, 1 mezzo, 1 soprano, 1 high soprano (mezzo-soprano can be replaced by a counter-tenor) 
    • The work may (not mandatory) use electronic device (see specifications in Annex below). 

    The musical score may be hand-written or in digital form, but must be perfectly legible. 

  • Personal letter

    Short text presentation: present your work in general and your artistic project for the future. If you have chosen to provide a short video presentation (max. 3 minutes), please write "Video" below and upload your video file under the Media section.

  • Prerequisites
    • Maximum age on June 1, 2022: 39
  • Required document(s)
    • Scan of passport or ID card
    • Portrait photo: 2 different and recent high-quality photos in colour
    • Repertoire: List of existing work
    • Authorization: An authorization of performance and broadcast of the submitted work
    • Place of birth
    • Work samples: A program note presenting the submitted work
    • Scores: Score of the submitted work