Clarinet co-principal (1) – Permanent

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    Malmö SymfoniOrkester
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    Clarinet co-principal (1) – Permanent
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    By arrangement
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  • Additional notes

    First round by video recording, deadline December 6 2021.

    If advancing from the video round, the main audition will be held at Malmö Live Concerthall 24-25 May 2022, 10.00.

    Malmö Symphony Orchestra does not reimburse travel and accommodation expenses.

  • Event
    • Audition – May 24, 2022 - May 25, 2022
      Beringsgatan 5
      20580 Malmö (Sweden)
      Notes: Kuben ( The Cube ) is our chamber music hall It's situated on the second floor just above our box office
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  • Mandatory pieces

    Please see the audition repertoire folder

  • Optional pieces

    Please see the audition repertoire folder

  • Orchestral excerpts

    Please see the audition repertoire folder

  • Video

    Video(s) are required for pre-selection purposes (details below).

    Please record a video of the following excerpts in numerical order. It’s very important that you play the excerpts in the correct order, if not it will not be considered by the jury. The video is to be recorded in one take, full body, without any cuts or adjustments. Use as good sound quality as possible on your device. The Malmö Symphony Orchestra tunes to A = 442 Hz, please tune your instrument accordingly.

    1. Beethoven Symphony no. 6 1st and 2nd movement

    2. Berlioz Symphony fantastique 5th movement

    free choice of clarinet but play as sounding (in C).

    3. Shostakovich Symphony no. 9 2nd and 3rd movement

    4. Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf