French Horn - low horn (1) – Permanent

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  • Institution
    Malmö SymfoniOrkester
  • Full description
    French Horn - low horn (1) – Permanent
  • Obligatory instrument
    with obligation to 3rd horn and Wagner tuba
  • Number of positions
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  • Job share
  • Duration / Start
    By arrangement
  • Application deadline
  • Additional notes

    To avoid a large number of applicants at Malmö Live the first round will be by video recording. All applicants are asked to send in a recording of the required repertoire ( please read the "Audition Repertoire" folder).

    If advancing from the first video round, you are welcome to a live audition at Malmö Live Concert Hall, June 3rd 2021. No videos accepted.

    We welcome applicants from all over the world. MSO admin will help non EU citizens with the work permit needed.

    Malmö Live is a spacious facility with several entrances, this allowes us to keep distance from each other. When auditioning applicants are divided in groups of max. 10 and each group gets a specific check in time. Including the audition staff ( approx. 5 persons ) this is the max amount of people at the same time in the audition area. There will be one preparation room per player that will be cleaned in between every group. We of course ask you to stay at home if you have any kind of symptoms, keep distance to each other during the complete process and use the hand sanitizer provided. 

  • Event
    • Audition – June 3, 2021 • 10:00
      Malmö Live Concert Hall
      Beringsgatan 5
      20580 Malmö (Sweden)
      Open in Google Maps
  • Mandatory pieces

    Final rounds (live at Malmö Live Concert Hall)

    Selection of orchestral excerpts and solo repertoire from the "Audition repertoire" folder.

    More detailed information will be announced.

  • Optional pieces

    Please see attached PDF-folder "Audition repertoire" under "Download"

  • Orchestral excerpts

    Please see attached PDF folder "Audition repertoire" under "Download"

  • Video

    Video(s) required for pre-selection purposes only (details below). Does not replace the live audition.

    Round 1 (video recording)

    Please record a video of the following in numerical order. The recording is to be made in full body, in one take, without any cuts or adjustments. The Malmö Symphony Orchestra tunes to A = 442 Hz, please tune your instrument accordingly. Use as good sound quality as possible on your device.

    Excerpts are to be played as stated in the "Audition repertoire" PDF-folder.

    1. Excerpt no. 1 - Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 3rd Movement, Adagio

    2. Excerpt no. 2 - Brahms: Symphony no. 4

    a. 1st Movement, Allegro non troppo

    b. 1st Movement, Allegro non troppo

    c. 2nd Movement, Andante moderato

    3. Mozart: Horn Concerto no. 3

    1 st Movement, Allegro. No cadenza 

    Start in bar 28. Play the whole movement without cadenza and no piano accompaniment. Count every bar of rest as written except for the longer multirests, bars 70-84 and 112-119.