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    Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra | Netherlands Chamber Orchestra
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    Principal Timpani 75% (1) – Permanent
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  • Duration / Start
    By arrangement
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    NedPhO|NKO musicians have a driven and flexible work ethic. They ensure excellent performance on (inter)national concert stages and at the opera whilst mastering a broad repertory. Members of the orchestra contribute to activities relating to concerts and sometimes perform in unusual locations: at schools for pupils, in hospitals, and in city districts. Musicians demonstrate their commitment to the organisation’s vision and mission both vocally and in their actions, and make an active contribution to further enhancing social support in this respect.

    NedPhO|NKO seeks new colleagues who radiate enthusiasm on every stage, engage actively with the audience, and do not object to receiving (youthful) visitors during rehearsals at times. NedPhO|NKO expects that musicians prepare optimally for all work and demonstrate a high level of professionalism and discipline. All employees have a talent for harmonious teamwork and possess good communication skills. Foreign colleagues are expected to become proficient in the Dutch language within a short timeframe.

    Timpanists play for the NedPhO and for the NKO, according to the requirements of the operas or concert works to be performed.

    Section principals, alongside their musical responsibilities, also make an active contribution to management of the orchestra. They lead sectional rehearsals, encourage a collegial working relationship with the section and between the other sections and are also the link between individual players and management.

    The selection consists of two parts. The artistic selection takes place through the audition. Secondly an interview takes place regarding the candidate’s affinity with the NedPhO|NKO to establish whether knowledge, skills and personality match the demands of the job. Based on this, a recommendation will be made to the management.

    The selection committee reserves the right to make a pre-selection based on written information. The salary conforms to the national regulations of Dutch Orchestras, you can find on www.vvno.nl , the website of the association of Dutch Orchestras.

    Obligatory works
    The repertoire and obligatory orchestra excerpts will be published as soon as possible.

    The audition is open only to musicians with EU citizenship and other musicians residing in Holland for at least three years and in the possession of a permit to stay with additional work permit-free status.

    Please include references in your application (name and contact details of teachers/colleagues who can be asked for reference).
  • 2 Events
    • First round – 24.06.2019 • 10:00
      Obiplein 4
      1094 RB Amsterdam (Netherlands)
      Open in Google Maps
    • Second round – 24.06.2019 • 13:00
      Obiplein 4
      1094 RB Amsterdam (Netherlands)
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