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    Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
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    Cello (1) – Academy
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    About us: 

    The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra distinguishes itself with its intensely energetic performances, its acclaimed recordings and its innovative audience approach. Founded in 1918, it has claimed its own position among Europe’s most foremost orchestras.

     The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Academy offers talented young musicians an extensive orchestral program in one of Europe’s leading symphony orchestras. 

    Duration/start: 2021-2022 season, starting September 2021


    ·       Frequent lessons in orchestral playing, audition training and chamber music. Coaching will be given by primarily the leaders of the orchestra with involvement of other musicians of the RPhO 

    ·       Master classes by renowned conductors and soloists

    ·       Alexander Technique lessons & mental coaching 

    ·       Mock auditions

    ·       Chamber music opportunities

    ·       Participation in educational projects

    ·       12 weeks playing in the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.


    ·      Each student will have a mentor throughout the year

    ·       Each student will receive a financial contribution of € 450, - per month

    ·       Housing, a practice location and a gym facility in Rotterdam will be provided and paid for by the RPhO

    ·       A bicycle will be provided for local transportation

    ·       Students will receive a certificate upon completion of the academy

    ·      Students who have completed the Academy will be allowed access to the first round of upcoming auditions for a period of three years.


    ·      Current conservatory study should be put on hold during the Academy year

    ·       The maximum age for students is 27 on 1 September 2021. 

    ·       Proficient English is required

    ·       There will be a 3-month trial period

    ·       Students are required to pay for their own health insurance 

    ·       The Academy is open to residents of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the UK

    ·       Students in possession of a valid residence permit for the Netherlands may also apply.

    Audition procedure 

    Preliminary round: Video(s) are required (details below). No live audition.  

    Mandatory Pieces: 

    Haydn Concerto in D major - 1st movement exposition. With or without accompaniment.        

    1.        L. van Beethoven        - Symphonie No. 5: Andante until bar 123

    2.       R. Strauss                  - Ein Heldenleben: First page

    3.        F. Mendelssohn           - A Midsummer Night's Dream: Scherzo

    The closing date for applications is 16 May 2021. By or before this date, you are required to submit your profile, letter of motivation and your live recording(s). Parts for download are available upon request: academy@rpho.nl. You may record your concerto and your excerpts separately, but they have to be uploaded at the same time. Edited recordings are inadmissible.

    Candidates will be informed about the results of the preliminary audition during the week of 17 May 2021. 

    Live audition / Final round 

    The live auditions will take place on 18 and/or 23 June 2021 in concert hall de Doelen, Kruisstraat 2, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The exact dates and times depend on the number of participants selected and will be announced as soon as possible.

    Mandatory Pieces: 

    Romantic Concerto - 1st movement exposition

    Orchestral excerpts:

    1.        J. Brahms                  -          Symphonie No. 2: Adagio

    2.        Cl. Debussy              -          La Mer (cello 1)

    3.        D. Shostakovich       -          Symphony No. 5

    4.        G. Mahler                  -          Symphonie No. 5: bar 253-273

    5.        B. Bartok                   -          Music for strings, percussion and celesta

    For the live audition travel expenses for a 2nd class train tickets within the Netherlands will be covered.

    For more information: www.rotterdamsphilharmonisch.nl

    For questions: please email: academy@rpho.nl

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