• Vacancy Data

  • Institution
    Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Academy
  • Full description
    Violin - Academy (2) – Academy
  • Number of positions
  • Type
  • Job share
  • Duration / Start
    September 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023
  • Application deadline
  • Additional notes

    The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Academy offers talented young musicians an extensive orchestral program in one of Europe’s leading symphony orchestras. 

    During the 22-23 season we offer:

    • 12 weeks playing in the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. 
    • Frequent private lessons in orchestral playing, audition training and chamber music. Coaching will be given by primarily the leaders of the orchestra with involvement of other musicians of the RPhO. 
    • 2 Mock auditions. 
    • Chamber music opportunities, with and without members of the RPhO.
    • Participation in educational projects. 
    • Master classes by renowned conductors and soloists. 
    • Alexander Technique lessons. 
    • Haptonomy lessons
    • Mental Preparation training. 
    • Each student will have a mentor (buddy) throughout the year. 
    • Each student will receive a financial contribution of € 450, - per month, from September 2022 until June 2023.
    • Housing, a practice location and a gym facility in Rotterdam will be provided and paid for by the RPhO. 
    • A bicycle will be provided for local transportation. 
    • Students will receive a certificate upon completion of the academy. 
    •  Students who have completed the academy will be allowed access to the first round of upcoming auditions for a period of three years.
    • Current conservatory study should be put on hold during the academy year. 
    • The maximum age for students is 27 on 1 September 2022. 
    • Proficient English is required. 
    • The academy is open to residents of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as well as those holding a resident or work permit for the Netherlands during the academy season.

  • Event
    • Audition – March 21, 2022 • 09:30
      Concertgebouw de Doelen
      3012 CT Rotterdam (Netherlands)
      Open in Google Maps
  • Event notes

    The live audition will be held in Concertgebouw de Doelen, Kruisstraat 2, 3012 CT Rotterdam. Invited candidates will be informed about the exact date (21 or 23 March) and hour during the week of 21 February 2022.

  • Mandatory pieces

    For the live audition you choose a romantic concerto of your own choice: Exposition and cadenza.

  • Orchestral excerpts

     ·     Mahler Symphony 9 - 4th movement, beginning until bar 12.  

    ·      Bizet Symphony in C - slow movement # 3 until # 5.  

    ·      Mozart KV 201 - beginning until bar 76.  

    ·      Don Juan - first page, beginning until 14th bar in C.

    You can request the parts by sending an email to academy@rpho.nl

  • Personal letter

    What is your motivation to join the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Academy?

  • Prerequisites
    • Maximum age on September 1, 2022: 27
  • Required document(s)
    • Scan of passport or ID card
  • Video

    Video(s) are required for pre-selection purposes (details below).

    Exposition and cadenza of one of the following concertos:

    W.A. Mozart - violin concerto # 3,4 or 5. Piano accompaniment is not mandatory.

    ·       Brahms symphony # 4: 4th movement, bar 34-64. 

    ·       R. Strauss – Don Juan: first page, beginning until 14th bar in C.

    ·       Parts are available for download, see below under documents.

    ·       You may record your concerto and your excerpts separately.

    Deadline to submit your video recordings is 6 February 2022.

    You can request the parts by sending an email to academy@rpho.nl

    Audition recording guidelines:

    You are allowed to record your concerto and your excerpts in 2 separate takes. However, your   excerpts should be recorded in a single take to replicate a live audition. 

    In between the different works/excerpts you are allowed to re-tune or clean your instrument if necessary. This must remain part of the integral recording. Time may be taken between works, just as may happen in a live audition.

    You have to be visible from the front, from head to toe at all times including your hands.

    Edited recordings are inadmissible.

    Please record in a room with a dry/medium dry acoustic.

    You may use a phone or tablet with a good internal microphone, or preferably with an external microphone attachment, a laptop with a USB microphone or microphone connected to an audio interface, or a sound recorder with build-in camera, or combined with video from phone/tablet or camera.