Tutti Violin 1 and 2, (4) – Permanent

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    Royal Swedish Opera
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    Tutti Violin 1 and 2, (4) – Permanent
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    By arrangement
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    Kungliga Hovkapellet (The Royal Swedish Orchestra) has been at the heart of Swedish culture for almost 500 years. Founded in 1526 as the orchestra to the Royal Court, it became the orchestra of the Royal Swedish Opera in 1773. Today, Kungliga Hovkapellet consists of 105 musicians. It performs around 200 operas and ballets each season along with regular symphonic and chamber concerts.

    Several vacant positions in the 1st and 2nd violin sections.


    Permanent employment of 100% with initial probationary service as agreed.

    Closing date for all applications including video is 16 february 2022.

    You can apply for a position within the 1st violin section or in the 2nd violin section or in both sections. See pdf attached on "How to apply".


    Video required for pre-selection. Does not replace the live audition.


    The audition will take place by personal invitation on the 24–25 March 2022 at the Royal Swedish Opera House, Jacobs Torg 4, 105 69 Stockholm.

    All the orchestral excerpts and chamber music are available, see this PDF below. 

    For queries regarding the audition, please contact orchestra administrator Mia Franzén:

    Register your application at

    As Sweden’s national theatre for opera and ballet, The Royal Swedish Opera strives to awaken a broad depth of emotions through our core values of timelessness, fearlessness, accessibility, and a dedication to high quality in all endeavors. The company is state-owned, comprises roughly 540 employees, and has an annual financial turnover of approximately 500 million kronor. 

  • Event
    • Audition – March 24, 2022 - March 25, 2022
      The Royal Swedish Opera
      Jacobs Torg 4
      105 69 Stockholm (Sweden)
      Open in Google Maps
  • Mandatory pieces

    VIDEO APPLICATION compulsory.

    Video required for pre-selection purposes only. Applications without videos will not be considered.


    Please record the following orchestral excerpts for the compulsory video application:

    1.      Mozart: from Don Giovanni, no. 5, Coro

    2.      Strauss: from Der Rosenkavalier, act 3, Einleitung

    3.      Wagner: from Die Walküre, act 2, scene 4

    4.      Tchaikovsky: from Nutcracker, no. 14, Pas de deux


    Closing date for all applications including video is 16 February 2022.

    For excerpts and detailed instructions, please see PDF below.

    Register your application at


    Mozart Concert no. 3, 4 or 5.

    1st movement without the cadenza up to the recapitulation and

    2nd movement with the cadenza.


    A Romantic Concert, exposition of the 1st movement without the cadenza from the following violin concerts:

    Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, Bruch op. 26 or Mendelssohn op. 64. Please see PDF below.


     Orchestral excerpts and chamber music.

  • Video

    Video(s) are required for pre-selection purposes (details below).


    The pre-selection will be a blind audition, meaning the jury will only hear the applicants, in a random order, without knowing their names. The visuals are only needed and accessible by management to confirm the identity and integrity of the recordings.

    Below are the criteria needed in order to submit the obligatory video audition recording for the Royal Swedish Orchestra, Kungliga Hovkapellet. Candidates who do not follow these criteria will be rejected. 

    ·     The video should show your whole body.

    ·     The microphone should not be placed further than 5 meters away from your instrument.

    ·     All the pieces should be performed in one take, following the exact same order in the repertoire list.

    ·     The video recording can not be edited or cut.

    ·     The sound of the video recording can not be processed, i.e. no use of reverb, EQ, compressor or other sound effects.

    ·     You should make your video recording in a room with a normal/neutral acoustic. Do not record in an overly reverberant space i.e. church or acoustic room.

    ·     Your instrument should be tuned to A=442kHz