Guiyang Symphony Orchestra

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Guiyang, famous as “The Summer Capital of China”, is the capital city of Guizhou Province and is known for its cooling weather and beautiful nature scenery landscape. Enjoying great fame and popularity, Guiyang Symphony Orchestra is the cultural art symbol of the city Guiyang, now has ranked as one of the best orchestra in China. At the beginning of 8th season, sharing the same common view, a world widely renowned conductor Maestro Rico Saccani was warmly and honorably appointed as the new Music Director of Guiyang Symphony Orchestra on the basis of mutual agreement.

Guiyang Symphony Orchestra is the only professional orchestra in China which is privately funded exclusively and supervised by its Board Committee. The board committee has established Permanent Fund which offers capital resources and support for the orchestra's foundation and development. Consistently pursuing the goal of respecting every individual artist and development of Art in the classical scene, it becomes a long-term mission of Guiyang Symphony Orchestra to explore and cultivating more and more talented musicians for the construction and improvement of classical career by continuously increasing orchestra artistic level and much more professional management. Therefore, The Orchestra established “The Soloist Music Fund of Guiyang Symphony Orchestra” on November 5th, 2016 to create more opportunities and possibilities for Guiyang Symphony Orchestra musicians by providing supports and assistances to them on their way of realizing music dreams