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O/Modernt (Swedish for ‘Un/Modern’) is the innovative concept devised a decade ago by violinist, conductor and artistic director Hugo Ticciati. Combining old and new in unexpected ways, O/Modernt celebrates connectivity in and through the arts, aiming to bring about a heightened awareness of connections that span times, cultures and peoples. Our international programme of activities is focused on exploring artistic links between contemporary culture and the cultures of previous epochs, bringing together people from all walks of life, and re/connecting people with themselves by promoting active, imaginative engagement with music and the arts. Outward-looking, inclusive and passionate about breaking down boundaries, O/Modernt’s philosophy is encapsulated in our motto, borrowed from John Cage: Invent the past. Revise the future.

Taking the past as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists working in every creative field, the O/Modernt spirit of reinvention finds expression in an expansive array of performances, events and projects.