Ticino Musica Festival

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“Ticino Musica is much more than a normal Festival: it is an act of love for music. In the rooms where the masterclasses are held, and in the halls where the concerts take place, you can feel an enthusiasm and a feverish passion for music that I think I have never found in any other place. I There is, I believe, think it is a tangible joy of “making music” that goes behind the sometimes sober and aseptic atmosphere which you can usually find in academies. Ticino Musica is a fest that enriches Lugano and all the nicest places of the region Ticino. I know few other summer courses that offer such a wide range of high-level seminars, activities and concerts, not to mention the never-ending possibilities given to the participants to play on a stage” [M° Lorenzo Micheli]