• Datos de la vacante

  • Institución
    Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
  • Descripción completa
    Cello (1) – Academista
  • Número de plazas libres
  • Tipo
  • Duración / Inicio
    14 de agosto de 2023 - 30 de junio de 2024
  • Cierre de inscripción
  • Comentarios adicionales

    Antwerp Symphony Orchestra Academy is an outstanding programme which nurtures the finest early-career professional orchestral musicians

    introducing them to multi-faceted experiences and preparing them for a career as a versatile orchestral musician

    run by one of Belgium’s eminent international cultural institutions, based in Antwerp.

    It is valued and warmly supported by orchestra musicians and staff, alumni, sponsors and other stakeholders.


    The academists will be engaged for 12 pre-scheduled weeks between September and May. In these weeks there will be orchestra projects with top conductors including the chief, workshops and trainings, as well as a Mock Audition. The orchestra projects include major Symphonic works and a Flemish repertoire.

    Each academist will be assigned a mentor and will receive 10 lessons from orchestra musicians of their choice.


    Candidates for the 2022-2023 Academy auditions need to be under 27 years old on the date of the audition, follow or have completed a Bachelor in Music or equal and have the nationality of an EU country or Switzerland, or be able to provide an A1 or a valid work permit for Belgium before applying for the audition. Candidates need to provide an ID which states their nationality.


    After a successful completion of the Academy program, students will be accepted in the second round of the orchestra auditions for equivalent positions for the duration of 3 years.

    Academists will be paid according to the CAO voor het Paritair Comité voor het Vermakelijkheidsbedrijf.

  • Evento
    • Audición – 6 de junio de 2023 • 10:00
      ASO Studio at Queen Elisabeth Hall
      Carnotstraat 10
      2060 Antwerpen (Bélgica)
      Notas: Muziekstudio on the 2nd floor of the current residence hall of Antwerp Symphony Orchestra.
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  • Notas evento

    Academy auditions are held LIVE in Antwerp. No video or audio files will be accepted.

    Audition expenses such as travel or accommodation costs will not be reimbursed.

  • Obras obligatorias

    Haydn D major exposition (2 pages), no cadenza

  • Repertorio orquestal

    Brahms: Symphony nr. 2, slow movement thema

    ● Beethoven: Symphony nr. 5, slow movement

    ● Strauss: Heldenleben 1st page

    ● Mahler: Symphony nr. 4

    ● Mendelssohn: Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Requisitos previos
    • Edad máxima el 6 de junio de 2023: 26
    • Edad mínima el 6 de junio de 2023: 18
  • Documento(s) requerido(s)
    • Diploma: Bachelor in Music or equal, or proof of pursuing a Bachelor in Music or equal
    • Número de DNI o pasaporte: Passport/ID from a EU country or Switzerland, A1 form, or a valid work permit for Belgium before applying for the audition. Candidates need to provide an ID which states their nationality.