Tuba - section leader 1st soloist (1) – C. Indefinido

  • Datos de la vacante

  • Institución
    Belgian National Orchestra
  • Descripción completa
    Tuba - section leader 1st soloist (1) – C. Indefinido
  • Con obligación de
    tuba C/Bes and F
  • Número de plazas libres
  • Tipo
    C. Indefinido
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  • Duración / Inicio
    A acordar
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  • Comentarios adicionales

    The candidate taking up the position has to be laureate of the audition and fulfill the general conditions for admission. Non-EU candidates have to comply with the laws of immigration.

    The candidate is recruited on the basis of fulltime employment (100%) with salary based on scale S02 (scale 1st soloist-sectionleader, job title: sectionleader 1st soloist). For all questions relating to remuneration and valorisation of relevant work experience, please send an e-mail to

    The laureate who takes up the position is offered a fixed-term contract of minimum 6 months to maximum 12 months. After this period and after a positive evaluation at the end, a renewal of the contract (unlimited term) can be proposed.


    The candidate works closely with the colleagues of the low brass, the section leaders and all other colleagues that are employed at the Belgian National Orchestra. He/she interprets and performs all orchestral parts for tuba and contributes to an outstanding performance. He/she assures the coordination within the own section and with the low brass during rehearsals, performances and recordings to make sure the section functions the most optimal way. He/she assures the leadership and exemplary behavior that comes with the function. He/she takes part in auditions and acts as a coach for occasional academy students or occasional additional players within the section.

    A full job description is available on demand. 

  • Evento
    • Audición – 13 de marzo de 2023 • 10:00
      Residence Palace
      Rue de la Loi 155
      1040 Brussels (Bélgica)
      Open in Google Maps
  • Notas evento

    Candidates will be contacted as from 01/03/2023 and will be asked to confirm their participation in the audition by 08/03/2023 at the latest.

  • Obras obligatorias

    1st Round:

     C of Bb tuba

     Study Blazevich

     + Orchestral excerpts

     R. Wagner     Walkürenritt                                                

    A. Bruckner     Symphony Nr 7                                         


    2nd Round:

     F tuba

     Concerto     Vaughan Williams  part 1 and 2

     + Orchestral excerpts

     I. Stravinsky Petrouchka                                                


    3rd Round : Orchestral excerpts

    Tuba in F

    H. Berlioz - King Lear                                                   

    H. Berlioz - Damnation de Faust                                 

    G. Mahler - Symphony #1                                            

    H. Berlioz - Symphony Fantastique                            

    R. Wagner - Meistersinger Ouverture                           


    Tuba in C/Bb

    S. Prokofieff - Symphony #5                                             

    G. Mahler - Symphony #2                                             

    O. Respighi - Fantane di Roma                                       

    P.Hindemith - Metamorphosen                                   R.Strauss - EinHeldenleben                                        

    N. Rimsky - Korsakoff Sheherazade                                                                   

    F. Liszt - Les Préludes                                                                                P. Tchaikovsky - Symphony #6 finale                                                                       

    R. Wagner - Rheingold Wurm motiv                                                                    

    S. Prokofiev - Romeo & Julia