Tuba (1) – C. Indefinido

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  • Institución
    Brussels Philharmonic
  • Descripción completa
    Tuba (1) – C. Indefinido
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  • Tipo
    C. Indefinido
  • Duración / Inicio
    A acordar
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  • Comentarios adicionales

    Full-time soloist position, 85% performance.

    Program to be announced.

    Please be advised:

    - The jury may make a pre-selection before inviting candidates.

    - On the day of the audition, invited candidates need to be present by 9:30 AM at the very latest.

    - Tuning: A = 442 Hz.

    - Brussels Philharmonic does not reimburse travel and accommodation expenses.

    - Invited candidates will receive an e-mail with more practical information a few days before the audition.

  • Evento
    • Audición – 19 de junio de 2020 • 10:00
      Brussels Philharmonic
      Eugene Flageyplein 18
      B-1050 Brussels (Bélgica)
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  • Carta de presentación

    Please take a moment to tell us why you want to be sololist tuba for the Brussels Philharmonic.