Cello (8) – Joven Orquesta

  • Datos de la vacante

  • Institución
    Concertgebouworkest Young
  • Descripción completa
    Cello (8) – Joven Orquesta
  • Número de plazas libres
  • Tipo
    Joven Orquesta
  • Duración / Inicio
    9 de agosto de 2023 - 26 de agosto de 2023
  • Cierre de inscripción
  • Comentarios adicionales

    Young 2023 is looking for cellos!


    General Guidelines

    • You must be between 14-17 years old. This means that your birthday must be between August 26, 2005, and August 9, 2009, without exception.
    • The summer camp takes place from August 9-August 26, 2023, (traveling days 9 and 26 August)
    • Residency will be in Akoesticum (Ede) The Netherlands
    • Free of tuition
    • Each young musician should be recommended by two different nominators who are for example music teachers, or directors of a local youth orchestra, school band or ensemble

    Audition elements

    • 4 video's (introduction, solo piece, excerpts, essay)
    • 1 personal letter
    • 2 reference letters

    Application Timeline

    • November 7, 2022: Application officially opens
    • February 5, 2023: Application deadline
    • February 8, 2023: Extended application deadline
    • March/April 2023: Applicants notified of status via email; audition feedback provided shortly thereafter
  • Repertorio orquestal


    Symfonie No. 41 ‘Jupiter’, movement IV: bars 46-73



    Symfonie No. 2, Movement II: bars 1-15 and bars 49-55



    Letter O to R.



    Etude No. 10 (Op. 73) (Instead of scales)

  • Pregunta
    A responder durante la inscripción

    First + last name parent/guardian 1

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    Email parent/guardian 1

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    Phone number parent/guardian 1

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    First + last name parent/guardian 2

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    Email parent/guardian 2

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    Phone number parent/guardian 2

  • Selección múltiple
    A responder durante la inscripción

    Were you a Young member in one of the previous editions?

    • No
    • Yes, 2021
    • Yes, 2022
  • Carta de presentación

    Describe your background, musical experience and education.

    • Where do you come from? Where do you live? Describe your family, your school and your musical and other hobbies.
    • How long have you had lessons? With whom have you studied? Have you won any prizes? Do you have experience playing in an orchestra?

    Notice: This essay should be preferably written in English. If that is too difficult, please write it in your own language.

  • Requisitos previos
    • Edad máxima el 10 de agosto de 2023: 17
    • Edad mínima el 10 de agosto de 2023: 14
  • Documento(s) requerido(s)
    • Carta de recomendación: Please upload two reference letters: one from someone nominating you for the programme and one from a reference.

      Both letters must contain the confidential recommendations of your nominator/referece about both your personal and musical qualities. So important questions that need to be answered are:

      1. What is the musical motivation to make the recommendation?
      2. To what does the nomination contribute to the other objectives of Young with regard to diversity, ambassadorship and hidden talent?
  • Vídeo

    Presentación de vídeo(s) obligatoria (especificar abajo). No hay audición presencial.

    Audition Videos

    All applicants to Concertgebouworkest Young are required to record a series of videos that include the content outlined below. Each performance segment must be recorded in one take with no editing (though it is permitted to select the best out of several takes). All videos must be recorded within eight months of the application deadline. Professional equipment and/or studio space is not necessary for a successful application to Concertgebouworkest Young. With proper attention to a few details, the applicant's music playing can be successfully conveyed using readily available consumer electronics, like iPhones or other smartphones. Please refer to our Video Guidelines ( for additional information and suggestions for effectively recording the audition.


    Required Video Segments

    1. Introduction: Before performing your solo selection, please include a spoken introduction in which you state your name, instrument, hometown, and title of the solo work you have chosen.

    2. Solo Piece: The solo piece is preferably the exposition of a classical solo concerto, but can be any work of your choice, or a movement/section of a longer work, provided that it is approximately three minutes in duration. If the piece is longer than three minutes, you may record an excerpt or submit an unedited three-minute section from a longer recording. You may also use a recent solo recording if it meets the Concertgebouworkest Young audition requirements, but please record and upload the spoken introduction separately. A work with piano accompaniment (except if you are applying on percussion) is strongly preferred.

    3. Excerpts: Each instrument has to play all required orchestral excerpts.

    4. Video Essay: Please record an answer to the following questions:

    • Young aims to select young talents who could use some extra support in their musical career. In what way does this (or does it not) apply to your situation?
    • Young aims to represent the diversity within European countries. In what way could you help us reach this goal?
    • Young invites the Young-alumni to become ambassadors for the programme and for classical music in their communities or home countries. What would make you a good ambassador?

    Please notice: this video essay should preferably be spoken in English. If that is too difficult, please record it in your own language.