Eva Mei - Voice Masterclass (8) – Clases magistrales

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  • Institución
    Monteverdi Circle - Online Centre for the Performing Arts
  • Especialidad(es)
    Contralto, Tenor, Barítono, Bajo
  • Descripción completa
    Eva Mei - Voice Masterclass (8) – Clases magistrales
  • Número de plazas libres
  • Tipo
    Clases magistrales
  • Duración / Inicio
    11 de septiembre de 2022
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    Teatro Municipale Giuseppe Verdi launches the first masterclass project in the wonderful city of Salerno, where you will have the chance to learn and be inspired by the greatest artists and pedagogues.

    All the selected students will also be rewarded with a free access to Monteverdi Circle online courses for one year!

    Applications are free and open until July 24. There are limited places available.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Voice masterclass with maestro Eva Mei is open to a total of 8 students of all voice types.

    For more information, please refer to the document attached. Applications will be processed through Monteverdi Circle website.

  • Evento
    • Sesión del curso – 11 de septiembre de 2022 - 15 de septiembre de 2022
      Teatro Municipale Giuseppe Verdi di Salerno
      Piazza Matteo Luciani 1
      84121 Salerno (Italia)
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