• Datos de la vacante

  • Institución
    Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Academy
  • Descripción completa
    Viola Academy (1) – Academista
  • Número de plazas libres
  • Tipo
  • % Plaza
  • Duración / Inicio
    1 de septiembre de 2023 - 30 de junio de 2024
  • Cierre de inscripción
  • Comentarios adicionales

    The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Academy offers talented young musicians an extensive orchestral program in one of Europe’s leading symphony orchestras. 

    During the 2023-2024 season we offer:  

    • 12 weeks playing in the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. 
    • Frequent private lessons in orchestral playing, audition training and chamber music. Coaching will be given by primarily the leaders of the orchestra with involvement of other musicians of the RPhO. 
    • 2 Mock auditions + behind the screen training.
    • Chamber music opportunities, with and without members of the RPhO.
    • Participation in educational projects. 
    • Master classes by renowned conductors and soloists. 
    • Alexander Technique and Haptonomy lessons. 
    • Mental Preparation training. 
    • Each academist will have a buddy throughout the year. 
    • During the academy season each academist will receive a salary of € 1500 gross ,- per month.
    • During the academy season (10 months) each academist is obligated to provide his own health insurance and housing.
    • Academists will receive a certificate upon completion of the academy. 
    • Current conservatory study should be put on hold during the academy year. 
    • Academists who have completed the academy will be allowed access to the first round of upcoming auditions for a period of three years.
    • The maximum age for students is 27 on 1 September 2023. 
    • Proficient English is required. 
    • The academy is open to musicians who are holding the nationality of a European Union country, Norway, Liechtenstein, Island, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.
    • More information about the academy can be found at https://www.rotterdamsphilharmonisch.nl/en/the-orchestra/academy

  • Evento
    • Audición – 13 de marzo de 2023 • 12:30
      Concertgebouw de Doelen
      3012 CT Rotterdam (Países Bajos)
      Open in Google Maps
  • Notas evento

    The live audition will be held in Concertgebouw de Doelen, Kruisstraat 2, 3012 CT Rotterdam. 

  • Obras obligatorias

    For the live audition you choose:

    Walton – Concerto, 1st movement


    Bartok – Concerto, 1st movement.

  • Repertorio orquestal

    1.        W.A. Mozart        -    Symphony No. 35

    2.      J. Brahms            -    Symphony No. 4

    3.      M. Ravel             -    Daphnis et Chloé

    4.      J. Brahms            -    Haydn Variations

    5.      A. Bruckner         -    Symphony No. 4

    6.      G. Mahler            -    Symphony No. 10

    7.      R. Strauss           -    Don Juan

    8.      D. Shostakovich  -    Symphony No. 5

  • Carta de presentación

    What is your motivation to join the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra Academy?

  • Requisitos previos
    • Edad máxima el 1 de septiembre de 2023: 27
  • Documento(s) requerido(s)
    • DNI o pasaporte escaneado
  • Vídeo

    Se requiere(n) vídeo(s) para la preselección (especificar abajo).

    • Choose either the cadenza from the Hoffmeister or Stamitz concerto.
    • As well as a piece of your choice.

    ·      Excerpts: 

    ·       M. Ravel – Daphnis et Chloé (158-166).

    ·       R. Strauss – Don Juan.

    Deadline to submit your video recording is 30 January 2023.

    Audition recording guidelines:

    You are allowed to record your concerto and your excerpts in 2 separate takes. However, your excerpts should be recorded in a single take to replicate a live audition. 

    In between the different works/excerpts you are allowed to re-tune or clean your instrument if necessary. This must remain part of the integral recording. Time may be taken between works, just as may happen in a live audition.

    You have to be visible from the front, from head to toe at all times including your hands.

    Edited recordings are inadmissible.

    Please record in a room with a dry/medium dry acoustic.

    You may use a phone or tablet with a good internal microphone, or preferably with an external microphone attachment. A laptop with a USB microphone or microphone connected to an audio interface, or a sound recorder with build-in camera, or combined with video from phone/tablet or camera.