Principal Double Bass (1) – C. Indefinido

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    Royal Danish Orchestra/Det Kongelige Teater og Kapel
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    Principal Double Bass (1) – C. Indefinido
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    C. Indefinido
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    A acordar
  • Cierre de inscripción
    17 de septiembre de 2021
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    Principal Double Bass


    On Monday and Tuesday the 4th an 5th of October 2021 an audition is scheduled for a position in the Royal Danish Orchestra as Principal Double Bass.


    The vacancy is to be filled as per 1st of January 2022 or according to agreement.


  • Obras obligatorias

    The audition pieces to be played are as follows:


    1st Round (behind screen):


    C.D. von Dittersdorf Concerto, 1st mvt with Cadenza, OR R J.B. Vanhal Concerto, 1st mvt with Canenza.

    Applicants are free to use any edition and Cadenza

    Orchestral Excerpts:

    Beethoven: Symphony 5, 3rd mvt

    Strauss: Ein Heldenleben

    2nd Round (without screen):


    S. Koussevitzky Concerto, 1st mvt OR  G. Bottesini Concerto no.2, 1st mvt with Cadenza.

    Orchestral Excerpts:

    Mozart: Magic Flute, Overture

    Nielsen: Maskarade, Overture

    R. Strauss: Rosenkavalier, Act 2

    3. runde (without screen):

    Orchestral Excerpts:

    Wagner: Valkyrien, Akt 1, Scene 2 and Akt 2, Scene 4

    Wagner: Parsifal, Akt 2

    Verdi: Rigoletto, Akt 1 no.3, Duetto

    Verdi: Otello. Act 4 (soli)

    Beethoven: Symphony 9, 4th mvt. Recitativo




    All orchestral excerpts can be downloaded at:


  • Obras opcionales

    Interested candidates can if they want a prescreening send a sound file to       

     jeju@kglteater and ask for a valuation. File should be sent at latest 26 of August, and you will have a comment 1st og September.

    Repertoire for tape is:


    C.D. von Dittersdorf Concerto, 1st mvt OR J.B. Vanhal Concerto, 1st mvt (all editions accepted)


    Orchestral Excerpt:

    Beethoven: Symphony 5, mvt 3