Young Pro Platform- Woodwind/ Brass/ Percussion (25) – Academista

  • Datos de la vacante

  • Institución
    The Orchestra Academy Hong Kong
  • Especialidad(es)
    Flauta, Oboe, Clarinete, Fagot, Trompeta, Trompa, Trombón, Tuba, Percusión
  • Descripción completa
    Young Pro Platform- Woodwind/ Brass/ Percussion (25) – Academista
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  • Tipo
  • Duración / Inicio
    A acordar
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  • Comentarios adicionales

    For shortlisting purpose, please submit an unedited video recording of the audition repertoire no later than 28 February 2021.

    Results of the shortlisting process will be communicated to all applicants in the week of 14 March 2021. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend to a live audition to be held in Hong Kong in Mid-April 2021.

  • Carta de presentación
    1. Please tell us briefly why you would like to join Young Pro Platform and what your motivations are.
    2. For horn applicants, please specify your expertise- high horn or low horn.
    3. For trombone applicants, please specify your expertise- tenor trombone or bass trombone.

  • Vídeo

    Se requiere(n) vídeo(s) para la preselección (especificar abajo). No sustituye la audición presencial.

    Video Recording Guidelines

    1.     Recordings must be shot in a single take to replicate a live audition, without deleting any false starts or errors. Time may be taken between excerpts according to how you would work in a live audition.

    2.    Excerpts must be recorded in the order listed.

    3.    Video must cover performer’s body and full instrument for each excerpt.

    4.    For audition repertoire list, please refer to Audition Information.