Korean Symphony Orchestra

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Since its establishment in 1985, Korean Symphony Orchestra (KSO) has been working to elevate the standing of Korean symphonic music for the past 30 years both domestically and abroad through more than 90 performances annually.

Since concluding an exclusive contract with the National Theater of Korea in 1987, KSO has held regular joint productions with the Korea National Opera, the Korean National Ballet, and the National Chorus of Korea as part of its repertoire. And from 2001, following its designation as the resident orchestra of Seoul Arts Center, it has established itself at Seoul Arts Center as Korea’s leading theater resident orchestra. Like the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, it is the only house orchestra in Korea to possess the know-how and performance experience to stage professional opera house performances such as ballet and opera music. Having held more than 40 annual ballet and opera performances over the years, it continues to solidify and expand its repertoire every year while maintaining an unrivaled reputation in music for ballet and opera in Korea. As the leading performance ensemble in the field of orchestral music, it continues to play regular concerts and special program concerts on the main stages of Seoul Arts Center’s concert hall.

Formally recognized as a non-profit foundation by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) in 2001, KSO has since been incorporated as a professional artistic organization and is now affiliated with the MCST, thus making it eligible to receive government budget support for its operations. In this way, it has become a model for governance in the field of arts and culture. Currently numbering 100 orchestra and staff members, including two composers-in-residence, KSO continues to work together for the advancement of Korea’s performing arts and concerts.

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