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  • Institution
    Gstaad Menuhin Festival
  • Description complète
    Clarinet – Stage
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  • Durée / Début
    31 juillet 2023 - 19 août 2023
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  • Remarques supplémentaires

    The Gstaad Conducting Academy is the lynchpin of the Gstaad Academy and offers rising conductors an opportunity of working with a professional orchestra - the Gstaad Festival Orchestra (GFO) which is made up of musicians from Switzerland's leading orchestras. Some of the best students from international high schools are selected every year to play with the GFO as interns.

    Besides giving several concerts in the scope of the Gstaad Conducting Academy, the GFO represents the Gstaad Menuhin Festival with concerts in Gstaad and on tour.

    In addition, the students receive individual lessons from their section leader and during the internship an audition training will be organised.

  • Question
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    Do you play any additional instruments? (e.g. english horn, e-flat clarinet, ...)

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    Where did you hear about the Gstaad academy?

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    Do you have any notes?

  • Conditions préalables
    • Age maximum le 1 août 2023: 30
    • Âge minimum le 1 août 2023: 18
  • Document(s) requis
    • Lettre de référence: The reference letter has to be signed personally by the issuer. As an exception, issuers may directly e-mail the reference letter to sj@gstaadmenuhinfestival.ch (within the application term). In such cases, a file containing respective information is to be provided here.
    • Photo portrait
  • Vidéo

    Vidéo(s) obligatoire(s) (veuillez spécifier ci-dessous). Il n’y a pas de concours sur place.

    For the GFO internship application a representative video recording of the audition repertoire is required. The Excerpts must be recorded and sent without cutting, in any order.


    - Mozart, Clarinet Concerto, 1st mvt, exposition (if possible with piano)

    - One movement of a romantic Sonata of your choice (e.g. Brahms, Schumann) with piano OR Quintett/Quartett with strings, OR a live recording of a romantic concerto with orchestra 

    Excerpts (from «Orchester Probespiel», EP8661):

    - Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, 1st, 2nd & 3rd mvt

    - Kodaly: Tänze aus Galanta (bars 31 to 65)

    - Shostakovich: Symphony No. 9, 3rd mvt

    - Prokofieff: Peter und der Wolf

    The Excerpts must be recorded and sent without cutting, in any order.