• Données du poste vacant

  • Institution
    Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Description complète
    Violin Tutti – Substitut
  • Type
  • Date limite pour le dépôt des inscriptions
  • Remarques supplémentaires

    The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HKPhil) is accepting application for violinist as substitute cover for upcoming 2022-23 seasons.


    For shortlisting purpose, please submit an unedited video recording of the audition repertoire (see below) no later than 17 June 2022. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to perform a live audition in Hong Kong in June – July 2022.


    Qualified musicians should be based in Hong Kong or valid Hong Kong Work Visa that allowed them to take up paid work. 

  • Oeuvres imposées

    Exposition of 1st movement of any Romantic or Beethoven Concerto, no cadenza


  • Traits d’orchestre

    1.     Mendelssohn Midsummer Night’s Dream (Scherzo, bars 17-99)

    2.     Brahms Symphony No.4 (4th movt, bars 33-81)

    3.     Richard Strauss Don Juan (1st page)

  • Lettre de motivation

    Please tell us briefly why you would like to join the HK Phil and what are your motivations.

  • Conditions préalables
    • Âge minimum le 29 août 2022: 18
  • Document(s) requis
    • Diplôme/Certificat
    • Lettre de référence
    • Copie numérisée du passeport ou de la CNI
  • Vidéo

    Vidéo(s) obligatoire(s) pour la présélection (veuillez spécifier ci-joint).

    Video Recording Guidelines

    1. Video must be shot in a single take to replicate a live audition, without deleting any false starts or errors. Time may be taken between excerpts according to how you would work in a live audition.
    2. Candidates must record all pieces specified under “Mandatory Pieces” and "Orchestral Excerpts”.
    3. Excerpts must be recorded in the order listed.
    4. Video must cover performer's body and full instrument for each excerpt.
    5. Candidates must ensure that they record the highest quality sound possible on the video recording.

    In support of your application, besides the optional pieces and the required orchestral excerpts, you are welcome to provide (if any) videos of your recitals, solo performances etc.

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