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Co-principal cello (1) – Permanent

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  • Institution
    Oslo Philharmonic
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    Co-principal cello (1) – Permanent
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    Après entente
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  • Remarques supplémentaires

    The Oslo Philharmonic is inviting experienced candidates, with relevant orchestral and/or chamber music to apply.

    All applicants must upload the audition video by 1st March deadline, the jury will invite candidates to the live audition from this video.

    Please note that the candidates has to provide their own parts for the recording.

    Questions regarding this vacancy:

  • Événement
    • Concours – 8 juin 2022 - 9 juin 2022
      Oslo Konserthus
      Munkedamsveien 14
      0115 Oslo (Norvège)
      Open in Google Maps
  • Notes sur l’événement

    June 8th: Live audition rounds

    June 9th: Orchestra round

  • Oeuvres imposées

    Haydn D major concerto

    1st movement (complete) plus cadenza


    Schumann OR Dvorak concerto

    1st movement (complete)

  • Traits d’orchestre


    Music for strings, percussion and Celeste

    Bar 310-390


    *Creatures of Prometheus, solo

    Bar 33-72, Adagio ‘Cadenza’ – Andante quasi Allegro

    Symphony 8

    3rd movement, Trio, with repeat



    *Piano concerto no2

    3rd movement , bar 1-21 and 71-end

    Symphony 2

    2nd movement, bar 1-18

    Symphony 4

    4th movement , bar 33-80 (8 bars before B - D)



    Symphony 7

    1st movement, bar 1-24


    Anita’s Dance, upper divisi

    Bar 15-20 and 69-86



    *Symphony 13

    2nd movement, Adagio cantabile – complete


    *Symphony 95

    Trio, complete



    Symphony 9

    1st movement, bar 129-135



    *Overture to William Tell, 1st cello




    *Symphony 15

     2nd movement, reh #53-59



    Don Quixote, Solo cello

    - Variation 1 – start - 3rd bar of reh #20

    - Finale – complete



    Morning, noon and night in Vienna, Overture

    Andante Amoroso



    The Bartered Bride, Overture

    Vivacissimo, Start - 4th bar after A

    Invited candidates will be provided a PDF with orchestra excerpts.

    All excerpts must be prepared for the live audition. Excerpts marked with asterisk will be performed in the orchestra round.


  • Lettre de motivation

    What motivates you to apply for a job in Oslo Philharmonic?

  • Vidéo

    Vidéo(s) obligatoire(s) pour la présélection (veuillez spécifier ci-joint).

    The repertoire for this pre-selection round is to be recorded in this specified order and in one continous, unedited take.

    Please note that the candidates has to provide their own parts for the recording.

    Haydn D major concerto

    1st movement, no cadenza

    Opening -> b.129

    Piano accompaniment is preferred but not obligatory


    Bach 2nd solo cello suite in D minor

    Both Menuets

    All repeats except on D.C



    Creatures of Prometheus, solo

    33-72, Adagio ‘Cadenza’ – Andante quasi Allegro

     Symphony 8

     3rd movement, Trio, with repeat



    Symphony 4

    4th movement, bar 33-80 (8 bars before B -> D)



    Die Frau ohne Schatten, solo

    Act2, Szene2, 11 bars before 67-71