Postes vacants

Principal Cello (1) – Permanent

  • Données du poste vacant

  • Institution
    Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
  • Description complète
    Principal Cello (1) – Permanent
  • Nombre de postes
  • Type
  • Type de contrat
  • Durée / Début
    Après entente
  • Salaire
    From NOK 624.235 - 698.482 depending on seniority
  • Date limite pour le dépôt des inscriptions
  • Remarques supplémentaires

    Principal Cello and Co-Principal Cello equally share leading the section.

    Principal Cello has group leader responsibilities which involves administrative tasks.

  • Événement
    • Concours – 15 août 2022 - 16 août 2022
      Stavanger konserthus
      Sandvigå 1
      4007 Stavanger (Norvège)
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  • Notes sur l’événement

    Stavanger Symphony Orchestra doesn’t cover costs of travel, accommodation or other expenses connected to the candidates’ participation in the main audition

  • Oeuvres imposées

    1st round:

    -J.Haydn: Cello Concerto in D major, 1st movement (bars 29-128 and cadenza of free choice) *

    -J.S.Bach: Brandenburg Concerto n. 3 BWV 1048 (tutti excerpt)

    -L.van Beethoven: Symphony n. 5, 2nd movement (tutti excerpt)

    -C.Saint-Saëns: “The Swan” from Le carnaval des animaux *

    *Please note that works marked with * are to be played with piano accompaniment

    2nd round:

    -First movement of either Cello Concerto in B minor by A.Dvorak or Cello Concerto in A minor by R.Schumann *

    -J.S.Bach: Cantata BWV 199 n. 5 “Chorale” (solo excerpt)

    -L.van Beethoven: Symphony n. 8, 3rd movement, Trio (tutti excerpt)

    -G.Verdi: Requiem, Offertorium (tutti excerpt) -R.Wagner: Tristan and Isolde, Ouverture (tutti excerpt)

    3rd round:

    -L.van Beethoven: The Creations of Prometheus (solo excerpt)

    -J.Brahms: Piano Concerto n. 2, 3rd movement (solo excerpt)

    -G.Verdi: Rigoletto (solo excerpt)

    -G.Puccini: Tosca (solo excerpt) -D.Shostakovich: Symphony n. 15 (solo excerpt)

    -H.Dutilleux: Le Mystère de l’instant (solo excerpt)

    -R.Strauss: Don Quixote (Theme, Variation 1 and Finale)

    -the piano is tuned in A=442

    -all the excerpts are to be found in the attached pdf files and are to be played in their full length as written. The bowings and other markings are equal to the ones found printed in common editions. The candidates have thus the freedom to change bowings and phrasings according to their own preference and consideration

    -the jury reserves the right to stop the candidate at any point or to change the order of the excerpts between the rounds, and the right to decide whether to offer the most successful candidate(s) a fourth round in the form of trial week(s) in the orchestra, possibly also including a chamber music audition and a solo audition with the whole orchestra, before the final decision

  • Lettre de motivation

    What attracts you to apply for this position in Stavanger Symphony Orchestra?

  • Vidéo

    Vidéo(s) obligatoire(s) pour la présélection (veuillez spécifier ci-joint).

    • J.Haydn: Cello Concerto in D major, 1st movement (bars 29-77)
    • L.van Beethoven: Symphony n. 5, 2nd movement (tutti excerpt)
    • G.Puccini: Tosca (1st cello solo part from excerpt in act 3)

    The video should be recorded in one take, without editing, and in the given order of the pieces. It’s not necessary to use professional recording equipment. Piano accompaniment for the Haydn concerto exposition is recommended but not mandatory