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Co-Leader Violin I (1) – Permanent

  • Données du poste vacant

  • Institution
    Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
  • Description complète
    Co-Leader Violin I (1) – Permanent
  • Instrument obligatoire
  • Nombre de postes
  • Type
  • Durée / Début
    Après entente
  • Salaire
    NOK 718.613 pr. year
  • Date limite pour le dépôt des inscriptions
    1 novembre 2020
  • Remarques supplémentaires

    New audition day(s) will be announced later due to the corona situation.

    The Leader and Co-Leader share equally leading the orchestra.

    Co-Leader plays in orchestra max. 29 weeks per year.

    You are welcome to apply also for Assistant principal with audition same time.

  • Notes sur l’événement

    Candidates have to pay travel and hotel.

    Audition only for invited candidates.

    We adhere to the authorities' advice and orders regarding Corona and if necessary we will postpone the audition.

  • Oeuvres imposées

    Mozart: any Violin concerto (free choice) 1. and 2. movement with cadenza and

    1. movement with cadenza of a Violin Concerto by Beethoven,

    Brahms, Sibelius or Tchaikovsky.

  • Traits d’orchestre


    Strauss: Morgen

    Strauss: Heldenleben

    Rimsky-Korsakov: Sheherazade

    Shostakovich: 5. Symphony, from 2nd movement

    Brahms: 1. Symphony

    Dvorak: 8. Symphony

    Ravel: Ma mere l`Oye , last movement

    Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake, no. 4 scene

    Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet, Act 3 Aubade


    Strauss: Don Juan

    Mozart: Symphony 39, 4th movement

    Shostakovich: 5. Symphony, from 9 to 12

    Mahler: 5. Symphony 1st movement. from 4 to 6

    Mahler: 9. Symphony opening last movement

    Mahler: 10. Symphony from bar 154 to 172

  • Vidéo

    Vidéo(s) obligatoire(s), uniquement pour la présélection (veuillez spécifier ci-joint). Ne remplace pas le concours sur place.

    We require applicants to submit a video recording of the first movement of a Mozart concerto of choice (with or without piano).

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